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Welcome to my personal website. My name is Illanga, an active mother of 2, English teacher, professional radio host, public speaker and a National Director and license holder at Ms/Mrs Top of the World.

How do I combine all of this? I just do it. Feel free to look through my website and see what I have done.

What are the benefits of cooperating with me? Well, I can perform on any gig, event, festival or even a family or corporate occasion with a speech or as a presenter. I have a daily audience as a teacher and from a very young age I was praised to be a highly open, friendly and sharp-witted person. Therefore, you definitely won’t get bored with me as your event host!

 Apart from that, I am always glad to work together with radio stations as a radio host. I can present and talk about anything, be it economics and politics or culture and celebrity rumors. My multi-sided personality and continuous self-development enable me to be knowledgeable in most of the spheres of modern life. My love for music and technical radio skills make me an asset to any radiostation








From contestant to National Director

After having participated in multiple beauty pageants and being rewarded with a crown of a winner, I became the National Director of the beauty competition Ms/Mrs Top of the World. I am always in search for fascinating unique women of all ages, who strive to become a new star in the world of beauty and pageants.


I have successfully brought 2 women to the Top of the World, Darlycha Sno, Ms Top of the World Netherlands 2019, became second runner up and Evita Tjon A Ten became Ms Top of the World Plussize 2019.

Have you always dreamed of participating in an international pageant?
Do you believe that perseverance is, among other things, necessary to be successful?
Are you adventurous?
Do you have what it takes to represent your country?

 If your answer is yes, then apply to be a delegate.

 I am always looking for eligible women who would like to participate in of the 3 categories of the Ms/Mrs Top of the World international pageant.

Are you:

Between 18 and 30 years old, at least 1.68 cm tall then you qualify for Miss Top of the World

Between 26 and 46 years old, at least 1.68 cm tall then you qualify for Mrs Top of the World

Between 18 and 35 years old, at least a size 14/16 US/UK or 44 EU then you qualify for Ms/Mrs Top of the World Plussize   


Titles are available for various countries.


Photo by: Inostroza Photography

Make up: Rachel Tol for Beauty Tool NL

Hair: Audrey Daniel for Mixed Textures Academy



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Please fill in the contactform to apply for any one of the pageants. All your applied information will be handled with the utmost care.




Model, National Director of Ms Top of the World, radio host, public speaker and a mum of two – that’s all me! Read further to get to know me better and understand what I can do for you.


My modeling career started with numerous projects with companies who were looking for models to promote their products or services. And then I realized that my unique appearance and charisma will definitely bring me success in pageants. This is how I purposed my goals and finally became Ms Top of the World. Want to hire me as a model, get a consultation on how to participate in Ms Top of the World or become a model yourself? Contact me and I will reply as soon as possible!


What about radio hosting, you may ask? I started to cooperate with various radio stations a long time ago, and since then I fell in love with radio hosting. Moreover, my witty language, sharp tongue and open mind will make any radio program a real hit in the city. The last but not the least is my activity as a public speaker and an event presenter. Being a broad-minded person with a wide range of interests, I can easily speak in English or Dutch about anything you want to hear from me. From political issues to modern literature and all the latest music trends. Simply hit me a message to get more details!